Piranha, quartz nail, Piranha Quartz 2mm Flat Top Banger Nail. On sale with Free Shipping at Samurai Blaze

    Piranha Quartz 2mm Flat Top Banger Nail


    Piranha Quartz 2mm Flat Top Banger Nail

    Piranha Quartz Bangers/Nails are intended for use with wax or concentrates and help to keep heat away from your face and glass while heating or dabbing.

    About Piranha

    Piranha sells more than just quartz products, we sell a high quality experience with a low price point. Our line of silicone containers, mats and storage for the concentrate market are always evolving. And we have over 50 different options in grinders that will last a lifetime... guaranteed! Check out the rest of our site to elevate your smoke.


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