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    G Pen Pro

    With a heat up time of thirty seconds, a sleek design and a user-friendly operating system, the G Pen Pro (Grenco Science) offers a great vaping experience for an attractive price.

    The G Pen Pro has a deep heating chamber. The mouthpiece can easily be popped off and locked into place with an innovative click-lock system. This makes it easy to load, empty and clean the chamber.

    The G Pen Pro can be switched on and controlled with only one button. The battery charge and temperature settings are indicated by LED-lights. This vaporizer automatically shuts down after five minutes to prevent overuse of the battery.

    The G Pen Pro heats up fast. It reaches the desired temperature within thirty seconds. It offers three pre-set temperatures.

    • Blue: 190°C (375°F)
    • Green: 204°C (400°F)
    • Red: 220°C (428°F)

    For precise temperature control, take a look at the G Pen Elite.

    What’s in the box?

    • G Pen Pro Vaporizer
    • USB charging cable
    • Cleaning brush
    • Stir tool (including keychain ring)
    • Grinder card

    Please note: the G Pen Pro is suitable for use with dry herbs only, it is not compatible with liquids or waxes.