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    Empire Glassworks - Dry Pipe - Hazel-Nug Ice Cream Cone


    Almost makes your mouth water!
    We all scream for Hazel-Nug Ice Cream! From the talented glassblowers at Empire Glassworks comes the amazingly delicious Hazel-Nug Ice Cream Cone Hand Pipe. Featuring a brown ice cream cone body, and brown and white ice cream bowl topped with nut accents on the front of the bowl. By owning a piece from Empire Glassworks you can be confident you've bought a unique, hand-crafted, American made piece.
    Empire Glassworks is an American glass company located in Placentia, CA made up of a team of highly talented and creative glassblowers. A lot of Empire Glass pieces are inspired by popular trends in our society along with themed glass designs modeled after some of the most popular movies and shows.