designed by BLAZE, NYC

An enhanced smoking experience.

"...this pipe should last a lifetime"

Randy W - Amazon


Armored with aircraft grade aluminum

When we designed the SUMO, we wanted to build a pipe that would last forever. Our backgrounds in engineering helped us to design an armor system that we made from T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum; which is both lightweight and incredibly durable.  

Toughest borosilicate glass

The SUMO features the highest quality pyrex (borosilicate) glass we could manufacture. Borosilicate is resistant to thermal shock and more durable than standard glass

Dual Carb

The first ever right or left handed pipe. We wanted to build a pipe anyone could use, so we created a dual carb selector. Left-hand, Right-hand or or both for extra flow.


it's not just a pipe

Accessory Port

For future attachments, such as; bong and dab-rig connections, bubblers, recyclers, etc... We are currently developing a few accessories to be released soon.

Stay tuned!

Shock Gaskets

Four shock gaskets are installed to support the glass and absorb impact if dropped.

The SUMO has been tested to survive most drops, but if you ever need a replacement glass kit, we stock them.

Standard Bowl

The SUMO has a standard size 10mm Bowl that will take any bong or dab accessory that fits.Check out our 10mm Accessories

SUMO Warranty

Purchase with confidence!

The SUMO comes with a 1 year samurai warranty.

Sold out

"The best fucking pipe I've ever owned" - Michael F.


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