Dynavap has reinvented the vapor game with their battery-free vaporizer and aromatizers.  Their lineup of sleek vaporizers are unique and game changing to the vape world, a must-have in anyone's vapor arsenal!

Battery-Free Vaporizer

zThat's right... Battery free!  No more carting around a large over sized vape or an extra battery charger.  Dynavap's vaporizers are small and discreet; perfect for a public sesh.  
Dynavap uses a butane lighter as a heat source rather than a battery or electronic components.  The Dry flower or concentrate is then vaporized and cooled in the included condenser; delivering a big cloud in a small package.

Featured Dynavap Models

At Samurai Blaze, we are stoked to be an authorized seller of Dynavap.  In our store you will find their popular 2019 "M", Omni, and Vong.

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