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                Zob Glass is a glass company based in California that designs extremely high grade scientific style glass pipes. Zob Glass offers a large variety of bubblers, dab rigs, bongs, and accessories made from German Schott glass. Zob Glass’s innovation is easy to see with the “Wubbler” (a creative combination of a water pipe and a bubbler) and their own perc called “Zobellos”. They offer a variety of percolators in their water pipes including UFO percs, inline percs, 8-arm tree percs, and many others. The scientific glass gives each piece a clean and sleek appearance, while the durable and high quality glass ensures their water pipes will last.

                One of the most fascinating endeavors of Zob has to be their creation of the Zobello perc. While Zob does use many other percs in their pieces, their Zobello perc is by far the most interesting. This perc is designed in such a way so that it parses out the dispersion of its bubbles. In other words, the bubbles go through a more controlled release. On top of the perc's amazing function, it also looks really awesome. The bubbles are released from the center of a cylinder, which creates a beautiful visual.

                The Wubbler is another innovative creation they have pioneered. The name, Wubbler, comes from a combination of "water pipe" and "bubbler". Often times a bubbler is too small, or a water pipe is too large. However, a Wubbler's size is somewhere in between the two. As opposed to bubblers, whose small size is limiting, you will always have a top-notch perc equipped with Wubblers. 

                Zob Glass has got it all. No matter the type of glass you are looking for, they have it. From standard percs to the zobello perc, from water pipes to bubblers, Zob Glass has a vast selection of products. Check out our collection; you're bound to see something you like!


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