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                Zig-Zag is most likely the oldest rolling paper company in existence. It was founded in 1879 in Paris by the Braunstein Brothers who later created a process that allowed papers to be dispensed from a package one at a time. In a way, this makes them the precursor to paper rolls as well. The z-shape of the interleaved papers is what gave the brother the idea to name the company “Zig-Zag”. As expected from a century old company, Zig-Zag puts a premium on the quality of their materials. All of their rolling papers are made in France with natural flax plant fibers, which provide a unique level of strength and fineness. The gum they use is 100% Arabic which is made from the sap of the African acacia tree. Zig-Zag also produces cigar wraps that come in multiple sizes and flavors.The pioneering spirit of Zig-Zag didn’t die with the Braunstein Brothers: the company has expanded into the vape pen market as well. In addition to their own vapes, they also partnered with Atmos to create the Zig-Zag Vaporizer Pen, which combines Zig-Zag’s traditional aesthetic with Atmos’ modern innovations.

                If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing the design of Zig-Zag's packaging, you may have noticed the bearded man with a cigarette in his mouth. Believe it or not, this man is a historical French figure! He was a French soldier in the Crimean War, whose clay pipe was broken by a bullet. In order to smoke his tobacco, he tore a piece of paper from a bag of gunpowder and used it to roll his tobacco in it. Out of their reverence for this man's creativity, they incorporated him into their logo. He has appeared on Zig-Zag rolling papers for over 130 years, and you can count on him being there the next time you order a pack of Zig-Zag papers.


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