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        Drawing its name from an obscure Indian herb, White Rhino has been a leading innovative company specializing in the industry of electronic vapes and e-liquid vaporizers since 2010. The culture of White Rhino users tend towards urban artists: they have a series of product photos on their website that were shot alongside the work of famous graffiti artists. Like many other vape producers, White Rhino is endorsed by a prominent hip hop artist: Tip “T.I.” Harris. They collaborated with T.I.’s music label - Grand Hustle - to produce premium vaporizers. The e-juice line of of White Rhino boasts an incredible selection of 32 flavors and 24 premium flavors based on candy and desserts. They are also responsible for a first in the smoke industry: The Torrid Electronic Nail which is the first 100% portable and rechargeable e-nail with a built-in reclaimer for unused product. This device is a game-changer for people who prefer waxy oils. Aside from their vape products, White Rhino also has a line of branded glass water pipes that they sell through authorized retailers.

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