The smoking industry has it's share of novel products, and Water Puff definitely stands out as one of the more interesting ones. The Water Puff is a combination mouthpiece/downstem that turns any water bottle into a water pipe.

It took over two years of innovation before the current version of the Water Puff was created. Just take the mouthpiece and attach to your water bottle before inserting the rubber grommet slide bowl and - voi la! - instant bong! Though the process is really simple, we will extrapolate it a bit more. There are two pieces that the Water Puff comes with. The first is a mouthpiece that screws onto the top of a bottle. The second piece is a bowl with a long stem. Take the long bowl slide and slip it through the center hole of the mouthpiece. The end of the bowl should be submerged into the water. Otherwise, there will be no filtration occurring. Once you have the two piece conjoined and enough water in the bottle, you are ready to smoke. Now, pack the bowl with your herbs and tobacco. Light the herbs and tobacco and inhale through the mouthpiece. Like a regular bong, you must lift up the bowl in order to clear all of the smoke from the bottle. Not only is the Water Puff a really convenient and well-engineered pipe, but you can also purchase it in multiple colors. You can get this instant water pipe in green, red, blue, white, or clear. 

The Water Puff is perfect for on the go smoking, and trips where bringing a full water pipe would be difficult. It comes apart in two pieces, and the only other thing you need is a bottle. However, you don't even really need to bring a bottle with you because you can just get one along the way of your trip.