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                Vaporfection prides themselves on doing a great deal of research on the technology and the designing of their vaporizers. They pursue the best possible materials to guarantee smoke-free, amazingly tasty vapor every time. The professionals at Vaporfection are comprised of many backgrounds in important industries. They have an engineering team that constantly looks for better designs and an electrical design engineering team that finds ways to maximize efficiency and improve air flow. There is also a mechanical design team and a fabrication department for the physical aspects of the vaporizers.The laboratory-grade glass and laboratory-grade heating chamber work together for the best possible air and heat flow. This glass-on-glass technology gives the most pure vapor possible. Vaporfection is also devoted to customer satisfaction. They realize how important customers are to the success of their business, which is why they are always interested in hearing about your experiences with Vaporfection.

                The company was founded in 2007, dedicating themselves to profound research that delved into the perfection of vaping technology. More specifically, Vaporfection was looking for the perfect vapor-dispensing technology. The expulsion of vapor is a large part of what decides the quality of vapor produced. One of the characteristics of Vaporfection, which puts them ahead of many other competing companies, is the diversity of their team's professional background. Rather than the members coming from only the vaping industry, their backgrounds span from medicine to engineering. Their extensive research has certainly paid off. For instance, their Mechanical Design and Fabrication department successfully innovative a chassis that maximizes the delivery of vapor. They were able to construct this innovation by utilizing a special kind of aluminum, which has durable heat dissipation and is medical-grade brushed.

                Not only does the Vaporfection team produce these amazing innovations, but they put their money where their mouth is too. They give their customers a 3-year parts/labor warranty.


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