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                Delivering a safe and effective vaping experience is important to Vapor Brothers. The team itself are self-proclaimed health nuts who want the best for their consumers. Their main focus is to gather the best possible materials from around the world so the entire vaporizer is as healthy as possible. This pursuit of vapor purity has kept Vapor Brothers on top of the vape game for over 15 years.Vapor Brothers vaporizers have appealing aesthetics; proven by appearances in the films Alpha Dog, Super High Me, and This is the End as well as the Golden Globe winning television series Weeds. Vapor Brothers started from a group of artists from the west side of Los Angeles, who wanted a safe alternative to smoking and had very humble beginnings. Now after years of hard work and ever-growing popularity, Vapor Brothers continues to make the same high quality vaporizers as they did more than a decade ago.

                A part of the Vapor Brothers creed, they would never sell a product they wouldn't use themselves. Thus, they concentrate on certain aspects of vaping that make or break the experience. For example, the extremely hot components of a vaporizers is something they focus on. They have designed their vaporizers not to overheat nor produce toxic odors. Any material that breaks down easily with temperature is never used. There is no plastic, Teflon, brass, or shiny metals used in any part of the vaporizer that conducts a lot of heat.

                Not only does the company optimize the materials used in manufacturing, but their collection of vaporizers is either picked by the Research and Development team or uniquely designed from scratch. Through person-to-person communication, these styles became popularized. There was a point where their box-style vaporizer was the single most popular in the world.

                If you're looking for a vaporizer from a company with a credible history in producing innovative vapes, Vapor Brothers it the company to turn to.


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