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                The Vapman company is located in Bienne, Switzerland, near renowned watchmakers Omega, Rolex and Swatch. With neighbors of such pedigree, it’s no wonder why Vapman has such high standards for their vaporizers. Vapman produces a series of pocket vaporizers that are appropriately-named “Vapman”. The Vapman series is known for it’s simplistic handcrafted designs: often using finished wood for bases and mouthpieces. You can even visit their website to see production photos of these products being hand-made.The seemingly basic design of the Vapman hides the innovative engineering that is signature to Swiss manufacturers. The team behind Vapman did in-depth studies of phyto-inhalation - the process through which a body processes vaporized plant matter - to create a unique miniature three-nozzle system for their vapes, which ensures the ideal mixture of air and active ingredients with each inhale. The development and production of Vapman has been in line with the traditional values of Swiss industry, with the highest demands regarding quality, reliability and precision. They put the greatest possible value on the satisfaction of their customers.

                There is great benefit to the fact that this company manufactures its vaporizers in Switzerland. As a business location, Switzerland is extremely stable both politically and economically. It is the fact that the country has no raw materials, which shifts their attention to research and development. It exceeds every other country in investment per capita for basic research and new technologies. Their Classic Pocket Sized Vaporizer is a perfect representation of the company's ability to produce an innovative product, as a result of the Swiss business environment. It takes precise planning and handwork, along with high-end materials, in order to produce such a quality vaporizer.

                Customers looking for a smaller, more convenient vaporizer will enjoy Vapman's Classic Pocket Sized Vaporizer. As a more compact and efficient vaporizers, this vape far exceeds all other vaporizers in competition. Everything in this vape is top of the line.


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