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                Starting in 1997 as Advanced Inhalation Revolution, Vapir is a leader in revolutionizing digital vaporization. Vapir is such a strong advocate of the vaporization process as it allows you to safely inhale your dry herbs and flowers without any of the negative side effects. Removing the combustion element is what makes Vapir vaporizers a healthier choice. Every vapor cloud from Vapir products, like the Prima Vaporizer, has amazing flavor and top-of-the-line freshness with absolute fullness.Wanting to give their beloved customers the best possible vaping experience. Vapir products avoid direct contact with a heating element. Using hot air instead reduces any irritation the vapor could possibly cause while inhaling. This process extracts the natural aromas and compounds you want from your dry herbs without any extras. The dry herb vaporizers give every cloud exquisite taste and fullness. Vapir offers both vape pens and tabletop vaporizers for both at home vaping and on the go.

                Vapir's mission is to "deliver the ultimate digital aromatherapy experience," and they take this mission seriously. Every single one of their vaporizers includes a temperature control feature and LCD screen. As for the foundational features of their vapes, they all have sleek designs and are made from high-end materials. As opposed to many other vaporizers that utilize convection heat for the vaping process, Vapir utilizes convection heat in their products. This means that no direct contact is necessary when heating up your dry herbs. With convection heat, your inhale of vapor will always be smoother and cleaner. The distribution of heat is much more even, and the risk of burning herbs is greatly minimized. 

                If you are looking for a more portable vaporizer, take a look at the Prima Vaporizer. It is capable of vaporizing dry herbs and concentrates. Furthermore, it comes with a plethora of supplies for your vaping experience. However, if you are looking for a desktop vaporizer, consider the Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer. 


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