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                An extravagant vaporizer company based out of Brentwood, California, Vaped is on the cutting edge of the vape industry. They focus on providing the best possible customer service and keeping on top of all new technological developments in the vaporizer world. Starting in 2014, Vaped focuses on portable vapes such as vape pens and nectar collectors. Lucky for you, Vaped made a product that includes both of these fantastic assets.

                The Micro Vaped V3 Nectar Collector is able to be used as a wax vape pen or as a nectar collector. For the nectar collector, there is a water filtration system. When the water filtration system is attached, it allows the vapor to pass through it. Furthermore, the vape kit includes a V3 Lithium Ion Battery that enables the user to get multiple vaping sessions out of the Micro Vaped V3 Nectar Collector before ever having to charge it. For clarification, here is everything that this vaporizers comes with: this lithium ion battery, a titanium tip, and a micro nectar collector with titanium coil heat element. Vaped was also generous enough to include a silicone case for storing your concentrates. There are also some extra gadgets that top of the whole set. For instance, it comes with a stand for the vape pen. It acts as a perfect slot to store your vape pen, so you don't need to find an awkward place to set it down. You even get a glass dish, steel fill tool, and a USB adapter with a wall charger. Thanks to its built-in technology, you don't even need to worry about waiting for it to be charged before using it. You can use the vaporizer as it is charging, and save yourself that anxious wait time!

                Vaped also makes many vaporizer accessories and attachments as well as vaporizer and nectar collector kits. 


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