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                TORCHer Glass is led by PB Torcher, who has more than 15 years of shaping glass under his belt. TORCHer Glass is full of passion and it shows in the work, which is definitely unique to say the least. PB Torcher’s work encompasses multiple genres but usually has a grim, horror tone to them, like the Gandalf Style Sherlock Eye Pipe. Most of his bongs and dab rigs look more like Halloween decorations but are fully functional. All of his hand pipes are beautifully crafted with incredible detail and colors.

                TORCHer Glass hand pipes are often themed, and have intricate worked glass from the bowl all the way to the mouthpiece. Take the Eagle-Claw Sherlock Pipe, for example. Around the bowl end of the pipe, 4 claws jut out around the circumference of the bowl end. Adding to the theme of the pipe, the handle is curved like a claw. The color scheme of the spoon pipe is reminiscent of an eagle's foot: blue with some cream colored accents. Besides this unique glass pipe, another one of their awesome spoons is the Mini Blaster Pipe. To be honest, words can barely do this pipe any justice. So, we recommend heading over to the Mini Blaster Pipe product page. When you look through the product photos of the spoon, you will notice it has a theme synonymous to steampunk. It has a silver fumed color and has a mechanic yet vintage design to it. 

                As opposed to the original theme of the Mini Blaster Pipe, the Shank Hand Pipe has a much more blatant theme. The entire hand pipe is in the shape of a knife. On one end of the pipe is the silver blade, while the other side is a freckled black handle. The black handle even has the grooves for your fingers. Midway between the blade and handle is the bowl for dry herbs, which has the side carb perpendicular to it on the handle. Finally, the mouthpiece is located on the very end of the handle. It's always satisfying when a hand pipe marries engineering with design, and TORCHer Glass does exactly that. 


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