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                When SToK was founded in 2011, they took the portable vape industry by storm with their innovative products. They recently shifted gears and re-branded themselves as "This Thing Rips!" Their two vape lines are the R Series 2 and the OG Four 2.0, which both boast high-quality materials and technology.The original R Series was the first pen of its kind to showcase a Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber, which allows users to watch their clouds build and their wax bubble.Their pens are intended for concentrate users, and use both titanium and quartz atomizers. Manufacturing out of their very own facility, and with a sales and distribution center located in Pompano Beach, FL – This Thing Rips abides by the highest standards and strictest medical guidelines in the industry.

                Delving into the details of some of their products will help you to understand exactly what makes This Thing Rips such a great producer of vaporizers. Let's first look at the OG Four 2.0. One of the great features of this vape is the lava-quartz cup, which preserves the flavor of your concentrates. Furthering the enhancement of flavor, there is also a lava-quartz single coil. This coil also maintains a steady temperature for you. Lastly, the OG Four 2.0 provides the user with a quad airflow system and an extremely discreet design.

                As for the R Series 2, it contains a dual ceramic rods with dual titanium coils. The ceramic components within this vaporizer contain no lead, no fibers, no glues, and is even cadmium free. There is also something they call Smart Technology that is built into this vaporizer. Essentially, this technology is able to remember the last setting at which you set the temperature. If your R Series 2 is out of battery, you won't need to wait until it's charged to use it. This is because you can use the vaporizer as it's being charged.

                If you have an affinity for using vaporizers, check out our collection of This Thing Rips products. Their vaporizers are equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge design.


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