The Medtainer makes the world’s first smell-proof, water resistant, and air-tight medical grade jar. This jar is constructed from FDA approved medical grade plastics and is environmentally safe. The Medtainer contains a built-in grinder at the bottom. Although this jar was first manufactured for dry herbs and tobacco, it’s now being used for coffee, tea, culinary ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary medications. The Medtainer has superb function and multiple uses with its innovative jar and grinder combination design.

If you are a person who likes to be discreet, the Medtainer is a perfect purchase. First and foremost, it minimizes the gear you need. It essentially combines multiple products into one. Instead of taking out your grinder to grind up your herbs, you just remove the inner compartment to reveal the grinding chamber. While some people store their herbs in their grinder, it cannot contain the smell from escaping into the atmosphere. Instead of spending money on a grinder and an airtight container, you can just buy the Medtainer. 

This company's product does more than save space and money; it also allows you to be discreet. Its capability to prevent smell from escaping, as well as its small and compact size, enables the product to be transported without notice. It is a perfect product for somebody always on the move.

Apart from the functionality of the Medtainer, it is also offered in a variety of styles. Take a look at our superhero themed Medtainers, if you want to represent your favorite superhero movie or comic. Definitely check out the Star Wars variants if you enjoy that movie, too. Apart from the themed versions, you can also purchase these in solid colors. You can even purchase a variant that mimics the design of a prescription container.

If you think you might need a larger area to store your herbs, check out the Extra Large Medtainer. It has all the same characteristics of the original version, but offers more volume of storage.