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                Based in America, the T. Ras Rolling Co. produces the most unique rolling papers on the market. Their unprocessed and unbleached papers are made from 100% locally-grown corn husk. While this might sound strange, corn husk makes for a sturdy and earthy-tasting wrap that will bring a twist to your next session. Not only does T. Ras Rolling Co. create some truly unique rolling papers, but the company also has a fascinating background.

                When the company started out, they wanted their main goal to be keeping their products as healthy as can be. Health is a crucial factor in rolling papers, especially now in the age if information. So, they pressed on with this goal in mind. Run by family and friends, the company learned about the traditional Rastafarian methods of smoking. This method of smoking traces its roots back as far as the tribal era. As opposed to so many other companies who try to do something completely original with their products, T. Ras Rolling Co. incorporates traditional ideas into their product. Not only are these rolling papers all natural, but they are also hand selected and prepared in Brooklyn, New York. In order to achieve the highest quality of smoking, these rolling papers are each inspected. This inspection process guarantees that every sheet of paper possesses the proper characteristics necessary for the absolute best smoking experience. Additionally, these rolling papers do not receive any sort of chemical treatment. They are unbleached and unprocessed, as health is still the main goal of the T. Ras Rolling Co. These rolling papers definitely require an appetite for appreciation. Not only is this product's roots entrenched in Rastafarian history, but it is also a healthier alternative to other rolling papers. You will certainly be hard-pressed to find another pack of rolling papers crafted with such care and application of tradition. So, why not go with locally-grown corn husk for your next smoking session?


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