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                Storz & Bickel is the first and only manufacturer of vaporizers that is certified by a global quality management system. Started in Germany, Storz & Bickel now have campuses in Germany and Oakland, California, because they knew how important it was for American customers to have more direct and quick access to their team, products, repair service. The company was started by Markus Storz in 1996 with the famous Volcano Vaporizer released for sale four years later. Jurgen Bickel was one of the very first people to buy one and decided to contact Storz. By 2002, they were equal partners, both with the dreams and ambitions to expand the company to new heights. Storz & Bickel has constantly improved on their best seller, the Volcano, while making new products that perfectly balance price and performance. Storz & Bickel vaporizers and accessories are thoroughly tested throughout the building process and upon completion.

                While Storz and Bickel make several vaporizers, their most renown device is the Volcano Vaporizer. This is a desktop vaporizer with patented technology that removes tars and carcinogens. Better yet, it gives you the most out of your dry herbs or concentrates. It is able to enhance the effects of its contents because of the slow and controlled convectional heating process. As the contents are being heated up, the vapor is directed into a balloon bag. Once this balloon bag is filled to its maximum capacity, you shutoff the heat and remove the bag from the vaporizer. The balloon bag itself does not let out any vapor unless you inhale. This way, there is no waste of any vapor whatsoever. Beyond its top-notch technology and functionality, the Volcano Vaporizer also has a 3 year warranty on the heating elements and electronics. It even includes several accessories: a balloon set, normal screen set, air filter set, liquid pad, cleaning brush, herb grinder, and an instruction manual. On all ends, Storz and Bickel has you covered when you purchase their Volcano Vaporizer. Depending on the interface you prefer, you can purchase the Classic Volcano Vaporizer with an analog interface or the Digital Volcano with a digital interface.


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