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                The Boulder, Colorado-based team at StashLogix prides themselves on their products’ functionality, security and discretion. Their founder, Skip Stone, wanted to make a stash container that he could keep out of the hands of his two young children. So he went to his garage and put his engineering skills to work. What came out this hard work were prototypes for the first StashLogix pieces: stone-infused products with simplicity and aesthetics. Each bag has a 3-digit locking mechanism. On the inside are multiple pockets and compartments for storage of your herb, pipes, grinders, etc. They come with glass jars, silicone jars and a sharpie for labelling them. Probably the most impressive innovation of Stash is the OdorPax: a replaceable square pouch that absorbs all odors within the bag.

                There are 3 different kinds of StashLogix systems, distinguished mostly by their sizes. The largest of these 3 options is the ProStash; it's dimensions are 11" x 8.5". Before you can open up this bag, you'll have to enter the correct combination on its built-in lock mechanism. Once you've entered the correct combination, you can push a button to release the zippers from the shackles. Now that the bag is open, you will reveal all of these specially deigned pockets and compartments for optimal storage of your smoking gear. There are several mesh pockets, some with elastic lining and others that seal with a zipper. You will also see several elastic bands that can secure smaller objects like a vape pen. Lastly, the ProStash includes 3 storage jars and an OdorPax. 

                If you think that the ProStash is too large of a bag, then consider the other two options: the medium EcoStash and the small GoStash. These options share many of their features with the large ProStash, but are more compact.  For instance, the EcoStash also comes with 3 storage jars and an OdorPax; however, it lacks many pockets that the larger option has. The GoStash comes with one storage jar, and is even more minimal with its internal pockets.

                You're gear will be safe, secure, and easily transported with any of the StashLogix bags. Be sure to give them a look.


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