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                Source Vapes is well-known for making top of the line vaporizer pens that push the boundaries of technology. They’ve pioneered Double Coil technology with the Source Orb, a vaporizer that has been ranked highly on “best vaporizers” lists by reputable review site. This pen marks the first dual coil titanium vaping tool which means it produces more vapor at a faster speed than single coil vape pens. They’ve also introduced the Source terra Atomizer, the only pure ceramic heater in the vaporizer market. This means their pens have none of the potentially harmful products that are in lower quality pens and that the smoker won’t get the plastic aftertaste often associated with vapes, Source Vapes utilizes the best materials for their vaporizers, including coils made with quartz crystal rods. Source Vapes is also well-known for excellent customer service. All of their products are protected by their “No Hassle Warranty” that will serve the buyer for the rest of his/her life.

                To give you a better sense of how Source Vapes vaporizers function, we are going to delve into a bit more detail about the Orb V3 Premium Vaporizer Kit. This vaporizer's most unique and notable feature has to be that it includes 7 different atomizers. First, you have your dry herb hitter atomizers and the dry herb baker. It's no secret that these are great for vaping flower. On the other hand, the vape pen also comes with quartz single and double atomizers. These atomizers are best for concentrates, along with the included ceramic dual-coil and double-wicked coil atomizers. The Orb V3 Premium Vaporizer Kit also includes a numerous accessories: a steel dabber, silicone jar, and charger. With this vape kit, you have everything you need. You will also like the overall aesthetic of the pen. With a steel exterior, the pen looks modern and sleek. You can choose the color of steel you prefer: royal gold, black chrome, and chrome.


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