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                Smoking and samurai aren’t usually associated with each other, but don’t tell that to Vermont native and Sokol Glass founder Aaron Sokol. Aaron’s love of Asian military history and philosophy (particulary Sun Tzu’s The Art of War) is showcased in his heady pipes, such as the “Art of War Bubbler.” He even includes an Art of War scroll with his themed water pipes. Aaron Sokol also considers convenience when creating his pieces; his dab rigs include magnets so that dabbers can be easily stored alongside them.

                To get a feel of what Sokol Glass pieces are like, lets hone in on one of his creations: the White Art of War Bubbler. As with many of his creations, this bubbler comes with a scroll. The scroll is contained within a glass tube, sealed with a cork top. The scroll has the word "Sokol" written in English over and over, but styled as if it is written in Japanese. The font is Japanese-inspired, and the words read from top to bottom. Another notable feature of many Sokol Glass bongs is the Japanese writing covering the surface area of the exterior glass. The White Art of War Bubbler also has this feature. There is also the word "Sokol" written along the neck of the bong, from top to bottom. Between the Japanese writing, included scroll, and Japanese-inspired font, the whole piece comes together as an art piece. The glass is also colored white, with some red spattered accents, which is reminiscent of Ikebana - the Japanese art of flower arrangement. To bring the Japanese theme full circle, this piece is also equipped with a sword dabber. Sokol sword dabbers are really cool to say the least. Like many of these sword dabbers, the White Art of War has a magnet that secures the sword dabber to the side of the piece.

                If you have a liking for Japan and their style, take a look at our collection of Sokol Glass. These pieces represent the definition of heady glass bongs, as they are truly handmade works of art.


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