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                Smokebuddy is a company, located in Southern California and founded in 2008, whose products are meant for air filtration. These products reduce second-hand smoke, smell, and pollutants. Reinforcing the company's main goal of enhancing air filtration, they established their motto to be: "Keep Your Smoke to Yourself." 

                Smokebuddy's air filters are true friends to the conscious smoker. For those looking to limit how much their smoke gets away from them, the Smokebuddy provides a line of air purifiers which take in your exhales and absorbs all of the smoke. This limits the effects of secondhand smoke and also can keep your home from smelling like smoke. There are three main air filters that the company produces: the Smokebuddy Orginal, SmokebuddyJr., and the Smokebuddy Mega. The main difference between these air filters is their size. The Junior is the smallest, the Mega is the largest, and the Original falls somewhere in between the other two. However, the difference in size also means that the internal filter is larger as well. The larger the filter, the more uses you are able to get out of it. For instance, the Smokebuddy Jr. is good for about 200 uses. The next size up, the Original, lasts about 300 uses. Finally, the Mega has a lifespan of the Mega is 600 uses or more.

                Another difference between these filters is the variety of colors in which they are available. The Smokebuddy Original and Jr. come in a myriad of colors, including glow-in-the-dark. As for the Mega, it comes in: white, green, and black. You may be limiting your color choice with the Mega, but you are trading that for an upgrade in functionality. Keep in mind, the Mega is capable of more than double the uses as the Original. 

                Check out all of the Smokebuddy products we have to offer, and stay true to their motto: "Keep Your Smoke to Yourself."


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