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                Skilletools produces some of the nicest and most affordable concentrate accessories out there. All of the company's products are medical grade and manufactured right here in the USA. Skilletools crafts stainless steel dabbers, mini dabbers, gold dabbers, and mini gold dabbers. They create multiple different designs for whatever your preference or whatever works best with your favorite legal concentrates and essential oils. These varying designs allow for a diversity of function across their dab tools. Take a look at the Master Set, for instance. It comes with 6 different dab tools, and each one is double-sided. This means the kit provides 12 different tool designs in total!

                When it comes to using your concentrates, Skilletools makes the entire process much easier. Every person has their own unique difficulties with the process of using concentrates, and this company fully embraces that fact. Instead of purchasing the Master Set, which remedies any difficulty, you may want to get the particular tool that suits you best. Consider the Scoop Dogg if you are mainly concerned with packing your concentrate. This nifty tool is curved on both ends. One of the ends is curved at a more drastic angle, which allows for more leverage when handling larger amounts of concentrate. The opposing end is still curved, but much flatter. It is also pointed, so you can dig into a thicker and more viscous concentrate. 

                Compared to the Scoop Dogg, the ProTools is a completely different set of tools. Firstly, this product includes two dab tools. One of them is double-sided with one of the ends being pointed, and the other being flat. This tool has a wider surface area, which makes it optimal for shaping or molding your concentrate. The pointed end makes it easier to gather concentrate from those hard to reach corners. The other tool is single-sided with a rounded paddle. This tool allows you to handle larger swaths of concentrate in one stroke. 

                For customers looking for a tool to enhance their dabbing experience, look to Skilletools. No matter your preferences, this collection can accommodate you.


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