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                When it comes to making an investment in a dab rig, hand pipe or bubbler that will last, Signature Glassworks is one of your best options. The family crew of this glass manufacturer are known for making pipes out of thick borosilicate glass that can survive anything thrown at them. Aside from construction, Signature's glassmaking skills have a wide range: they have a large selection of sandblasted, glow in the dark, and other worked glass pipes.

                Signature Glassworks specializes in hand pipes, and their Old Man Fritted Sherlock Hand Pipe is a prime example of their specialty. This hand pipe is reminiscent of something you could catch your grandpa smoking from. Essentially, it is shaped just like a corn cob pipe. The only difference between this pipe and a corn cob pipe is the material, of course. This fritted pipe is made with fritted glass. The fritted glass gives the pipe a unique visual effect. Fritted glass appears as though somebody has spattered color all over the pipe. Adding to this spattered effect, the bowl end of the pipe has a gradient of color. Starting from the bottom of the bowl, there is a black color. As you move up the length of the bowl, the black fades into a blue color. The color fades one last time into a cream color.

                A hand pipe slightly different from the old Man Fritted Hand Pipe, but just as unique, would be the Mini Cobalt Sherlock Hand Pipe. This pipe is much more cosmic in its aesthetic. The colors on this pipe also fade into one another. Starting from the mouthpiece, there is a fritted green color that leads into a deep blue. The deep blue leads into a lighter blue, which finalyl leads back into the original green color. Apart from the cosmic colors, the entire pipe has a cosmic shape. The mouthpiece is bulbous and has a ring going around it. Then the pipe thins out in the middle, and flares out towards the bowl end. There is also a marble on the side of the bowl, which enhances grip but also looks like a nebula.


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