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                Shine Papers is an innovative company that came up with the very first 24 karat gold rolling papers. These exquisite tobacco papers are slow burning, and even leave gold flakes in your ashtray when you ash them. Shine also manufactures 24k cigars as well as tattooed cigar wraps. These papers are such a revolution in the rolling paper industry that multi-platinum recording artist Tyga invested $5 million into Shine in November of 2014. Why smoke regular rolling papers when you can smoke out of 24k gold?

                One of the most popular products, created by Shine Papers, has to be the Gold Rolling Papers. Not only are they astonishingly easy to roll with, but they also leave behind gold ashes in your tray. Whether you smoke these on your own, with a group of friends, or at a party, the Gold Rolling Papers provide a memorable smoking experience. If you prefer smoking cones as opposed to the usual rolling papers, the Midas King Size Gold Cone is a better fit for you. The cone comes pre-rolled, within a container that's branded with the Shine Papers logo. However, some people are more into smoking with cigar wraps. Have no fear, the Gold Cigar Wraps are here! That's right, Shine Papers has gone so far as to create 2 Pack Gold Cigar Wraps too.

                In order to get their company to where it is today, Shine Papers went through countless revisions. They experimented with early versions of their products, performing tests and assessing the results. It took a lot of hard work, but in the end, Shine Papers prevailed. They achieved the perfect mix of gold on the outside of the papers, while preserving a perfectly even burn on the inside of the paper.

                For those who want heads to turn at a party, these papers are for you. But if you just want to enjoy the luxury on your own or with close friends, they are perfect for that as well.


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