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                Sheldon Black Glass has been a mainstay brand in the smoking industry, and taking one look at their collection of heady glassdab rigs, bubblers, and water pipes makes it obvious why they have been such a successful company for so many years. Sheldon Black was founded in 1988 in Los Angeles, where they began hand blowing innovative glassware for commercial consumption. This gives them over 25 years perfecting their craft of original and functional glassware. Sheldon Black Glass even has a patent on the “Combined Tobacco Smoking Pipe Bowl and Receiving Stem” that was published and approved in 1999. Not only does this company mean business, but they have proven their proficiency in the business through their established track record.

                Apart from their impressive history, the proof of Sheldon Black's superiority is in the pudding. For example, the Grasso 13" Straight Can Water Pipe is a perfect representation of their high-class aesthetic and superior engineering. The first thing you notice on this water pipe is the amazing artwork. This company tends to use the surface of the glass as a canvas for intricate art. On this particular piece, the artwork depicts a man in a black hat who is holding a massive sherlock pipe. A man dressed in a black hat is one of the consistent depictions in Sheldon Black Glass pipes. As for the function of the water pipe, the Grasso 13" Straight Can Water Pipe has a diffused downstem percolator. In the Grasso product line, diffused downstems are common to see. This product line follows a minimalist theme, often using straight tubes and beakers with removable downstem percolators.

                Sheldon Black is certainly a company that produces higher end water pipes. If you are looking for a hand blown piece with a classy design, consider one of their pieces. Either way, take a look at this collection and feast your eyes on these wonderful creations.


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