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                Looking for a whimsical way to clean your bong or dab rig? Scrubber Duckys has you covered with their fun and efficient pipe cleaning tool. Their magnetic ducks are used with a magnet to be moved around the inside of your pipe. Each package features a picture of a scowling duck to let you know that Scrubber Duckys mean business! The company also sells replacement for your duckys so that you'll always be able to make your water pipe as fresh as possible.

                The latest and greatest innovation of the company are the Scrubber Duckys 2.0. Like the original Scrubber Duckys, the latest version is another magnetic sponge kit. However, there are some important differences. For instance, the magnets are twice as strong. This makes for a much more thorough cleaning of your piece. The abrasive surface of the scrubber is now making more of an impact on the glass as you move the magnet that guides it.

                The way that these Scrubber Duckys work may seem a bit unusual, considering that one usually uses a solution to clean their piece. So, let's explain a bit about the process of using these innovative cleaners. The first thing you will see when opening the metal container are 4 magnets. Three of these magnets are in shape of ducks, while the other one is rectangular. The rectangular magnet is made for guiding the rubber duckys. The rubber duckys are the magnets meant to be place within the bong, being pulled around by the exterior magnet. There is also a nifty little trick that allows you to have access to both sides of the scrubber, without having to remove the internal scrubber manually and flip it over. Instead, all you have to do is flip over the exterior magnet and the internal magnet will flip over along with it. 

                The Scrubber Ducky 2.0 also comes with a bunch of really fun stickers that you can use to decorate your gear with. There are 5 stickers, each with a beach theme: a cap, snorkel, sunglasses, towel, and flippers. 


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