Santa Cruz Shredder is an American company founded in 2011 that specializes in creating some of the industry’s most efficient and durable grinders. Santa Cruz Shredder also manufactures titanium accessories, including domeless titanium nails, dabbers, and carb caps. All of their titanium products are made from grade 2 titanium, so you know they're sure to last and be effective for a long time. Santa Cruz Shredder goes through vigorous procedures to create an extremely clean and effective product for their customers. The grinders are fabricated out of a single piece of high grade CNC aluminum to provide durability and a consistent grind.

There are are a couple different innovations the company has focused on, making their grinders comparably easier to use. First off, Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are totally scratch resistant through a process called Anodizing. This process creates a protective coating for aluminum that prevents wear resistance, failing of threaded parts, and corrosion. The clean design and innovative technology of Santa Cruz Shredder grinders create a healthy, enjoyable, and efficient smoking experience. Secondly, their grinders are made to cut your herbs multiple times before they fall into the herb chamber. Standard grinders tend to cut herbs once, allowing larger bits of herb to fall into the chamber. However, Santa Cruz Shredders are built for multiple ways of cutting, which also fluff up your herbs.

These grinders also have magnets of unparalleled strength. Say goodbye to those weaker magnets that fall off of your grinder so often, and say hello to one of the highest quality magnets in the world. Santa Cruz Shredders use Neodymium Diametrically Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets. These magnets are triple layered: nickel-copper-nickel. You can rest assured that your grinder will securely store its contents. 

Lastly, the screens in these grinders are superior to those of many other brand names. they use a larger micron size, which has a smaller opening of pores. Many other grinders are allowing several kinds of impurities to fall into the pollen chamber. Santa Cruz Shredder has taken the initiative to prevent such an unhealthy event from occurring. 

All in all, these grinders are out-competing many other standard grinders on the market. If you are looking for the best of the best, go for a Santa Cruz Shredder.