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                Branding themselves with an outdoor woodland lifestyle, RYOT carries a variety of smoking tools and accessories. While they offer a wide variety of merchandise, RYOT is still able to integrate an organic design into every product they offer. And in case you want to trek through the forest with your piece (or maybe just bring it to your friend’s house), RYOT sells various types of cases for any piece you may own. Bringing your piece from point A to point B is made much easier with these cushioned cases. Aside from their “Pack and Protect” line, RYOT also provides taster bats and boxes for smoking, as well as herb grinders. Adhering to the woodland theme, most of the tasters and grinders are made of various types of wood. They also make a nifty utility tool for scooping, cutting, grinding, and more.

                While the company certainly covers a wide variety of products, their taster bats are among the most popular. For example, their Wooden Taster Bat is really convenient for smoking. You can easily slip it into your pocket, and you can even choose the type of wood material: Bamboo, Rosewood, Walnut, and Maple. Better yet, these taster bats are much less likely to break if you drop them. As opposed to glass taster bats, these wooden ones are not prone to shattering. If you want a slightly more innovative taster bat, look to their Wooden Taster Bat with Digger Tip. The digger tip enhances your ability to pack the trench with herbs and tobacco. Instead of pinching the herbs and putting them in, stick the digger into your storage container to capture some in the trench. The Taster Bat with Spring Button, on the other hand, is innovated to empty out your trench. Once you've finished up the herbs and tobacco, just push the button to eject the leftover ash. You can purchase this taster in aluminum of various colors or wood of various types.

                RYOT ensures your piece is protected, efficient, and stylish every time.


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