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                Made in Germany, RooR has used their experience and knowledge to produce a top-class smoking experience. Although there are multiple stories of how the name originated, the most commonly held belief is that “RooR” came from its similarity to the German word for pipe, “Rohr”. RooR makes fully functional bongs and smoking accessories. Their bongs come in many styles like straight tubes and beakers. All their glass is made with super durable German Schott glass. RooR constantly looks for further innovations and updated versions of their own products. Founder Martin Birzle advocated against mass manufacturing, so each piece has the careful detail and time needed for it to both be flawlessly functional and built correctly. This kind of approach has garnered RooR some very famous fans including B-Real from hip-hop group Cypress Hill and rock band System of a Down. B-Real’s Phuncky line includes the “Big Ballers” filter tips. Besides their high quality straight tube and beaker bongs, they also make very strong ashtrays and unique rolling trays. RooR wants you to fully embrace the smoking culture and not just pick whatever is cheapest. RooR has such an established name in the bong industry because of their attention to detail, a refusal to cut corners, and their high quality components used in the construction of their glass pipes. 

                Above all else, RooR is dedicated to their philosophy. They want their consumers to comprehend smoking as a culture, and not just as a way of consumption. This philosophy has encouraged them to persistently hash out innovation after innovation. From ice notches to diffusers, RooR has been pioneering original products since their founding. Keep in mind, this company is a four-time High Times Cup Winner. Their success at this competition proves that RooR is always one of the most relevant and cutting-edge companies in this industry every year. Keep an eye out for them, because you never know what they'll create next.


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