Inspired by the ancient samurais that did not have a lord or master and therefore had ultimate freedom of choice, Ronin Glass, based out of New Jersey, aims to give their customers every option when it comes to glass. Although Ronin bongs and dab rigs have a constant scheme of black, red, white and clear glass, the composition of the glass produces many ways to enjoy your herbs and concentrates. Keck clips hold your interchangeable parts to give you endless combination possibilities while maintaining durability. Thick, borosilicate glass can be found throughout every inch of each Ronin bong. Just like a samurai mastering a sword, Ronin Glass has mastered the art of percs, giving you a perc to fit any and all of your preferences. Between the sturdy construction, beautiful artistry, and masterful execution, Ronin products are more than worthy opponents. They are the best at what they do.

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