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                RAW is a company that specializes in tobacco rolling papers and other tobacco accessories that are produced in Alcoy, Spain. The company has become famous for the quality and numerous styles of their rolling papers. They offer classic, creaseless, connoisseur, cones, and even an organic line featuring these same styles. RAW also offers accessories such as trays, filters, shredders, and pipes. For all of your rolling accessories you can’t go wrong with RAW.

                RAW rolling papers are some of the most popular papers in the industry. They have an organic design and are often made from organic material. For example, their Organic Rolling Papers are grown without harsh pesticides or non-natural fertilizers. Instead, they are made from organically grown, pure, chlorine-free hemp. It is also processed in an environmentally friendly way. These papers have a tan color, while burning slowly and cleanly. Just like the Classic Rolling Papers, the organic ones have a crisscross watermark. This watermark prevents canoeing from occurring. RAW also produces cone papers, which are a specific kind of rolling paper; they are tapered. In other words, they are wider on one end and thinner on the other. The benefit of these cones is that you don't even have to roll them. Neither the Pre-Rolled Organic Cones and the Classic Pre-Rolled Cones require the ability to roll. Rather, you take your herb and pack them into the cone. To make the packing easier, the cones include a packing tool. As you can see, RAW takes their rolling papers seriously.

                They take great care of getting every detail perfect, from the design to manufacturing process. However, they are just as meticulous with their numerous accessories. For instance, the Double Barrel Wooden Cigarette Holder is high-quality in both material and design. Firstly, it is handcrafted from sustainably sourced from Brown Knotwood. Secondly, it is designed for you to inhale from two cigarettes at once. 


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