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                Randy’s is a company with no shortage of soul. The leader of the team, referred to as “Brian Guru’, considers himself as the “Distributor of Fun” and is an accomplished musician. Brian has said that he’s always wanted to be great and has pursued that ambition through his company. Randy’s began in 1975 and has been American Based for its entire existence. Randy’s first product was their Wired Rolling Papers, which stood out by having wires included that would act as a natural handle. They use the wired design in their hemp papers as well. Not content to just make rolling papers, Randy’s has expanded into the vaporizer market with their Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit, which has additions that allow it to act as a dab rig as well. Randy’s continues to expand their product line with storage containers and cases among others, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

                To give you a better grasp on Randy's vaporizer products, we will explain a bit more about the Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit. One of the best features on this vape is the quickness with which it can heat up. Within about 4 seconds, this vape pen can achieve a 480°F temperature. This vaporizer also possesses a ceramic dish, which optimally preserves the flavor of your concentrates. Not only does the chamber preserve the flavor of your vape, but it is also a no-splash dish! One of the more unique features of the Pilot Vaporizer is the open glass dab attachment. This is an included attachment that, when attached, allows you to use a dabber to place concentrate directly into the heating chamber. Just inhale through the mouthpiece, and you've transformed your vape pen into a mini rig. If you are looking for a classy vaporizer with diverse capability, then be sure to check out the Black Pilot Vaporizer Starter Kit within this collection. 


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