Quartz Nails and Bangers are glass dab accessories that can take the high heat of a butane torch. They're paired with your bong or dab-rig and are sized according to your downstem. These Quartz nails come in a variety of sizes, such as; 10mm, 14mm and 18mm; as well as universal sizes.  Simply heat the nail with your torch then apply your dab.

Piranha Quartz Thermochromic Banger Nai


Piranha Quartz 2mm Flat Top Banger Nail


Piranha Quartz Diamond Knot Banger Nail


Piranha Quartz Oil Bomb Replacement Cup 20mm


Piranha Quartz Thermal Reactor Core Banger Nail


Piranha Quartz Flat Top Opaque Bottom Banger Nail


Pulsar Elite Series Mini eNail Kit w/ 6-in-1 Nail


Cali Crusher Domeless Ceramic Nails


Cali Crusher Ceramic Nail


Piranha Quartz Reactor Core Banger Nail


Randy's 10' Extra Long Bristle Pipe Cleaners (30 Bundles Display)