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                Since 2003 Purr Glass has provided practical, effective, and well-designed products to the glass community. The name Purr is short for perforations, or diffused percs, used in all of their water pipes. Purr had continued to influence the glass industry with innovative designs such as the upright sherlock, the scientific pocket double chamber, and the micro size pendantbubblers and rigs. From their humble, grassroots beginnings, the Purr family and product line have continued to grow past California and into the national market. Purr continues to be family owned and operated, innovating handcrafted American made glass in Southern California. 

                Though Purr may have began in 2003, it wasn't until 2012 that they were in their first national trade show. Ever since that show, Purr Glass has been expanding their product line in order to stay nationally relevant. One of their initial successes in the industry was creating the first scientific hammer bubbler. However, this scientific bubbler was created in 2003, before they realized their national potential. It wasn't until many years later that they realized the bubbler's full potential. Once Purr saw what they truly had pioneered, they went on to create other design offshoots: the upright sherlock, double chamber, "pocket," and micro. If not for their non-stop creativity and innovation, they would not have been able to evolve their business into what it is today.

                Purr's consistent output of new and innovative products is what makes them such a contender in the industry. They have ventured into some interesting places with their product designs. One of their most popular products is the Full Size Sherlock Bubbler. It comes in several colors, is a convenient 7 inches tall, and has a diffused downstem perc. Whether you are looking for a bubbler, water pipe, or accessory, Purr Glass has what you're looking for.

                Purr products take an additional 2-3 business days to process.


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