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                "The Original Hemp Paper" has been around since 1879. The originators of Pure Hemp knew the benefits of using hemp and have continued to look for the cleanest and healthiest possibilities for their customers. They were one of the first rolling paper companies to go beyond hemp and make unbleached papers for added health benefits.

                If you are looking for exceptional rolling papers, certainly consider Pure Hemp as a choice. First and foremost, these papers are 100% environmentally friendly. They are completely tree-free rolling papers. Only the finest of hemp pulp is used in the papers themselves. However, the gumline is made from the African Acacia tree. However, Pure Hemp makes sure to source their gum sustainably. To confirm their eco-friendly credibility, this company's rolling papers are internationally recognized as a mass market leader for eco-alternative to all traditional wood pulp based rolling papers.

                Apart from their focus on being environmentally friendly, these rolling papers also have amazing performance. Pure Hemp papers burn slowly and leave behind a small amount of ash. Regarding their unbleached papers, they are a bit thinner than the others. This line of papers is a newly ventured area for the company. Yet, they were are able to produce them with the same care as their other papers. These unbleached rolling papers are still inadvertently whitened when a certain elemental additive is not added. They may not be completely white, but have a whitish hue. These papers also burn slowly, have minimal ash, and are completely tree-free. 

                No matter the amount of Pure Hemp papers you need, we have it for you. We carry a single-pack, 3-pack, and 25-pack. The 25-pack contains all of its individual papers in a larger, organized container. However, you can also buy the display tower. This is a 3 level tower that comes with a 50 pack box of single wide rolling papers, a 25 pack box of 1-1/4 rolling papers, and a 50 pack box of king size rolling papers.


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