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                In a smoking world where new technologies are being discovered at a rapid pace, sometimes it pays dividends to go back to your roots. Primitive Pipes has scoured the planet looking for unique smoking pieces that respect and promote the heritages and cultures responsible for the earliest developments of this industry. What they have found is a way to re-imagine the smoking market, allowing everything to be natural and organic, just like the forefathers of the crafters building these pipes intended it to be.

                Dedication and knowledge has kept Primitive Pipes travelling to every corner of the world to appreciate the craftsmanship from numerous cultures. From all the corners of Africa, across the Caribbean nations including Jamaica, and throughout Indonesia and Thailand, the owner of Primitive Pipes has sought out the best pipe makers available, learning every step of the way and therefore perfecting it. For more than 50 years, he has been collecting pipes as not only a fan but an advocate who believes in the power and beauty of this art form. As one of the largest ethnographic pipe collectors in all of North America, he has always believed that nature's organic herbs should be consumed using something that is also from mother earth.

                All Primitive Pipes are porous which means they absorb heat, taking away any harsh feelings one might get from a normal water pipe. These pieces are able to perform so well because of a beeswax lining inside. Just like bees using wax to protect the inside of a hive from nasty mildew, this inside layer of beeswax keeps the pipe clean and tasting great. Beeswax also happens to be extremely easy to clean with a few cold rinses. The company's devotion to one of the most important insects in nature, can be noticed in every pipe.

                For thousands of years, pipes were made with organic materials. That is why all Primitive Pipes have their own story; from what skilled master made it to which forest the bamboo came from. Grown of the earth, made of the earth. Welcome to the Tribe.


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