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                The founders of Piece Water believe that "bongs, water pipes and bubblers are not only vehicles for delivering sacred smoke, but are also beautiful works of art". As such, the sought to solve the problem of these works becoming dirty and smelly after regular use.They experimented with different alternatives to natural bong water. Their result was not only a liquid that would stop resin from forming, but also trap smoke particulate matter for a cleaner and smoother hit. A bong's worth of Piece Water can be used up to 40 times before it needs to be replaced, making it a long term investment in a clean smoking experience.

                The entire idea of Piece Water all started with trying to find a solution to a dirty and smelly water pipe. The inconvenience of cleaning a thoroughly used piece warranted an easier alternative to that hassle. And with the under-the-hood dangers of using chemical products, there needed to be a safer alternative as well. Once the Piece Water team realized the issues associated with cleaning water pipes, they went to work. They experimented with all these different kinds of natural bong water alternatives. As their experiments went on, they inched their way closer to creating the final product: Piece Water. Out of their hard work, they were able to produce an all natural bong alternative that stop resin from building up in the first place. Rather than approaching the problem in an orthodox way, trying to create a cleaner, the team approached it in an original way. They were even able to give Piece Water the capability to trap particulate matter within its medium. This prevents the particulate matter from being inhaled, and from sticking to the walls of your piece.

                Without their mission, Piece Water may not have been able to get where they are today. Their missions is to "provide safe and effective products that will make people's lives easier and better."


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