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                There’s no better endorsement for an herb grinder than having Waka Flocka’s face on it. Phoenician understood this when they sought the rapper to be their celebrity sponsor, along with the band Sublime. Don’t assume that Phoenician’s celebrity endorsements are their only selling points: the company prides itself on its commitment to medical grade standards. To accomplish this, theyimplemented a comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and sterilization methodology under a clean room environment for every herb grinder they manufacture. This ensures that when you grind your herbs or tobacco, you can be sure there will be no trace of foreign contaminants.In terms of their construction, Phoenician’s grinders boast many unique features. They use a “lobe-grip” design on their grinders; which is basically a circumference of ridges around the grinder knob that allows a better grip while in use. On the inside, Phoenician uses an unconventional tooth system where they have less teeth than most grinders, with the teeth acting more like scissors than grinders. This allows for them to shred herbs efficiently without mashing your blend, as is the case with many other grinders.

                The Large 4 Piece Grinder with Paper Holder is a great representation of the sheer quality of Phoenician Engineering grinders. When you first look at this grinder, you will notice the holder for rolling papers built into its magnetic top. This makes it much more convenient for rolling, as you will have everything you need in once place. Better yet, this grinder has 4 pieces, which means it has a lot of chambers. The top chamber is for grinding herbs, while the subsequent chamber catches those ground herbs. Under the herb chamber, there is a chamber for catching pollen. Besides having the rolling paper holder and all these chambers, you can also purchase your Phoenician Engineering grinder in multiple colors: green, Rasta, red, black, blue, silver, yellow, and pink.


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