PAX Labs Inc. is located in San Francisco, California, and is a leader when it comes to the vaporization movement, not just in the United States, but all over the world. Started by two Stanford grads, PAX is known for creating their innovative and functional dry herb vaporizers. One of their products, the PAX 2 Vaporizer, features 4 temperature settings and a sleek looking design. PAX aims to push the boundaries of vaporization to deliver the best vaping experience for their customers. Simplicity is important to the developers at PAX because they want everyone to be able to use their products at maximum effectiveness. Pleasure is most important in their minds, which is why each PAX is guaranteed to leave you with satisfying vapor every time, as the ultimate goal of the California based company has always been to eliminate smoking altogether.

Recently, PAX came out with a new vaporizer: the PAX 3. When you lift the vaporizer horizontally and place it to your lips, it automatically heats up. It takes about 15 seconds to initially heat up. After the first 15 seconds, your inhale will draw in pure vapor. In comparison to the PAX 2, this latest vaporizer is twice as powerful. This is because the heating element possesses twice the power. While their latest vaporizer is certainly top of the line, you should certainly compare both the PAX 2 and 3. The PAX 2 is still quite advanced, and will save you some money.

The main goal of PAX is to make the act of smoking a thing of the past, and render it an obsolete activity. This is why the company works so hard to make their vaporizers extremely convenient and efficient. If you want a simple, pleasurable experience, you should surely check out this company's vaporizers.


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