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                Many believe that success often comes with being young at heart. That might be why glass artist Noah Holland is so good at what he does. Holland specializes in incorporating popular cartoon characters on his heady glass. Solidifying his reputation as a uniquely talented glass blower, Holland won 2016’s CHAMPS Glass Games as an East Coast Emerging Artist. He was able to win the contest with a creation that featured a medley of television characters from "Bob's Burgers" and "Rick and Morty." His pieces include both bongs and dab rigs.

                One of the most complex pieces that Noah Holland handcrafted has to be the Bob's Burgers Rig w/ Deluxe Burger Bucket and Carb Cap. This entire dab rig is themed from mouthpiece to base, packing in as much detail from the show as possible. The main focus of the dab rig is the restaurant counter at Bob's Burgers. Within the inside of the main chamber, going 360° around, you will see Bob behind the counter. From the bar stools to the ketchup and mustard bottles, Holland made sure to include the intricate details. To the right of Bob, who is facing you, you will see Linda sitting on the bar stool. To the left of Bob, you can see Louise's bunny ears peering out of the order window. Apart from the amazing canvas of art within the main chamber, there is also a worked glass sculpture of Gene. Midway up the neck, there is a depiction of Teddy. To top things off, the rig is equipped with a honey bucket that looks like a hamburger! The carb cap is fashioned to look like the top bun on the burger. As with all of Noah Holland's creations, this one is a complete art piece. 

                If you have an appreciation for television references, as well as impressive glass art, take a look at our collection of Noah Holland creations.


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