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                The seasoned engineers of Nimbinvap hail from Nimbin, New South Wales. This is an Australian mountain village known for social experimentation, and possessing a rich smoking culture. Permaculture and self-sustainability is a recurring theme in the progressive community, which extends to the company.Their goal with the multi-faceted Nimbinvap vaporizer - made from local Nimbin wood and metals - was to emulate elite smoking devices without batteries or electricity. The basic Nimbinvap Vaporizer provides a 100% organic vaping experience by using soft flames. It has modes to function as a pipe, bong, hookah, cigarette holder, chillum and one-hitter. The company intended to make this the perfect item for smokers who enjoy camping or hiking outdoors and don’t want to carry around cumbersome smoking tools. They also provide instructional texts and videos for users on their website, which showcases their belief in full customer satisfaction.

                NimbinVap was created out of inspiration gained from dealing with the problems of standard pieces. From bongs to pipes to vapes, the founders of the company had trouble utilizing smoking products if they were doing any activities. Luckily, they had a team of engineers who had a combined experience of 25 years in the metal making industry, pneumatics, heat-exchangers, vaporizing. They got to work, and began developing products out of standard items: plastic bottles, aquarium hose, and more. The NimbinVap engineers undertook this endeavor with the goal of creating products that performed at the same level as the advanced competition. However, they aimed for these inventions not to use any batteries or electricity! They had their work cut out for them, but the company prevailed. 

                One of the company's major successes is the Vaporizer Multitool 4.0, which doesn't use any electricity or batteries. Instead, you can use a lighter or hemp wick to heat up one end of the vape. This will provide heat for the convection process. All you need to do is fill the chamber halfway, in order to ensure that there is enough head space for the convection system. Check out the product page of the Vaporizer Multitool 4.0, so you can see the 7 other uses of the single product!


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