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                Newport Butane is a gas lighter company founded originally in the 1960s in England and now is popular all over the world. They specialize in butane lighter refills, butane torches, a range of aerosol products, and a variety of smoking accessories. Newport Butane creates sturdy and reliable products because of their longevity and experience in the industry. Newport Butane is known for having near zero impurities, and is convenient in the fact that its products are odorless.

                Butane torches are widely used as the heat source for heating up a nail for concentrates, whether that be a banger nail or a standard nail. However, the kind of butane torch that you use makes a big impact on your experience. First and foremost, you want your butane to be as healthy as possible. This why Newport Butane focuses on having near zero impurities in their butane. Secondly, the size of your torch should depend on the frequency that you use your concentrate. If you are utilizing concentrates with a high frequency, consider getting the largest size of butane torch we offer by Newport: the 6" Newport Cigar Torch. This torch is of sufficient size to contain enough butane to last you the appropriate duration of time. This torch is also offered in a variety of colors: black, white, blue, green, red, pink, silver, Rasta, and more!

                On the other hand, you should look to the Mini Newport Cigar Torch. On this torch, the flame is adjustable. Like the 6" Newport Cigar Torch, this product is also offered in a wide variety of colors. So, make sure to choose the one that suites your preferences best. But if you are looking for a lighter that is even more fun and vibrant in aesthetics, check out the Newport Bumblebee Torch. This torch is not just colored with black and yellow. Instead, the entire torch looks like a cartoon bumblebee.

                Butane torches are necessary for using a dab rig, but they can also be fun and stylish in design. Check out our awesome collection of Newport Butane torches!


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