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                South Carolinian entrepreneur, Doreen Sullivan, had a vision when she founded My Bud Vase: change the view of the water pipe from a symbol of unambitious youth to a culture of sophistication and high art. With this in mind, she turned her interest in antiquity into a business where she seeks out distinctive flower vases and converts them into pipes by adding downstems and bowls. Each piece is given a unique name based on its attributes, such as “Buttercup” for a small yellow vase or “Pig Tails” for a vase with large side handles. While efficient in her methods, Doreen is responsible for a diverse array of pipes, ranging from ceramic bubble beakers to large glass flasks. Appropriately, Doreen’s desire is to make the smoking community more conversational by outgrowing old stereotypes and showcasing its progressive spirit. It goes without saying that My Bud Vase water pipe are one of a kind. When you see one, you are not going to see another one like it again. Take the "High Tide" Water Pipe for example; this is a piece like no other. Not only is it very durable, but is also engraved with fish. There are even paintings of seaweed all around the vase. 

                Apart from the amazing visuals that My Bud Vase water pipes emit, they also have an amazing ability to camouflage. After you've used the water pipe, you don't need to hide it away like a standard bong. Instead, you can proceed to use it as a piece of home decor! There are 3 easy steps to transforming the bong into a decoration. First, you have to remove the funnel bowl. Second, insert the faux flowers into the mouthpiece. Thirdly, place it on a shelf or table. Voi la! Just like that, your bong is hidden in plain sight.

                Form and function truly unite in every My Bud Vase creation.


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