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                Moose Labs creates colorful and quirky smoking accessories. They are responsible for the MouthPeace - a multi-colored silicone mouthpiece for water pipes - and Dab Art - silicone molds that allow you to save your dabs in fun shapes. The MouthPeace is by far their most popular product, due to it's awesome design and functional engineering. Moose Labs aims for their products to give the user a healthy and easy smoking experience, which is exactly what the MouthPeace does. Using a cutting edge tapered shape, this product is designed to fit into the mouthpiece of virtually any water pipe. This way, you can inhale through the silicone mouthpiece rather than touching the glass itself. It's a perfectly healthy way to use a bong that has been used by others. As the MouthPeace demonstrates, Moose Labs specializes in creating adaptable and convenient products. They even sell two other sizes of the MouthPeace, regardless of the universality of the original.

                Certain products created by Moose Labs are often specially engineered to be compatible with one another. For example, the MouthPeace is also compatible with their unconventional Gas Mask. While most gas masks have a plastic bong permanently attached to them, the Moose Labs Gas Mask utilizes the silicone mouthpiece. This means that the gas mask is also interchangeable with any sized bong. It is an ingenious idea to manufacture products the way this company does. Rather than these products working individually to achieve an end, their clever engineering allows them to work together. If you are a customer looking for a high-quality product dedicated to the most efficient user experience, check out our collection below. You will be delighted to find that Moose Labs products are quite affordable, and will be well worth your dollar. It's not always easy finding a product that will last you a long time, while not draining your purse or wallet. But this collection certainly meets that criteria. 


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