Monkey Pipe produces chillums made of aluminum and wood. These pipes are valuable for their utility, with swiveling lids to keep herbs and tobacco inside. They are also under two inches long, making them excellent travel companions. The Monkey Pipe product line accommodates different preferences, via the variations in engineering. For instance, the Original Monkey Pipe is the most basic of their products. However, it is still quite the handy hand pipe. In order to unveil the pipe's trench, swivel the wooden top a full 180° around. Now you can pack your herbs and tobacco into the exposed trench. Cleverly engineered, the wooden top that swiveled open also acts as the mouthpiece. It's as easy as those three steps, and you can get to smoking out of the Monkey Pipe.

The other variations of the Original Monkey Pipe have some unique details that tailor them to more specific needs. If you are somebody who would prefer to store a small amount of herbs within your hand pipe, then the Fisherman's Friend is a great choice. Much like the original version, the Fisherman's Friend also swivels open to reveal the trench. The main difference here is that you can also swivel another metal layer, which reveals both the storage container and trench. When you are smoking from the pipe, swivel the metal layer back to the closed position. This ensures that your herbs are secured and only the trench is revealed.

On the other hand, if you want a fully wooden hand pipe with some style, check out The Oregon Trail. This hand pipe also swivels open, but the swivel is circular and only covers the trench rather than the entire length of the pipe. The pipe gets its name from the meandering trail leading from the trench to the mouthpiece. This trail acts as a channel for the smoke, guiding it from the trench towards the mouthpiece. There is a plastic cover in the same shape as the trail, which covers it on top. You can remove this cover whenever you want to clean the hand pipe. 


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