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                Known for visually unique bubble chamber bongs and revolver bowls, Medicali Glass' products speak for themselves. As the "medical" aspect of their name implies, Medicali focuses on scientific glass with complex construction. Most of medicali's pipes have three chambers, tree percs with several filters, and diffused downstems. All of these items are made from high-quality German borosilicate glass and produced in what they call "The Modern Flame Factory" in Southern California.

                Medicali bongs are so signature in design, you immediately know when you see one. Take the Bubble Chamber Downstem to Domed Circ Perc Bong, for example. When you first lays eyes on this water pipe, you notice that it has a bulbous shape in the center of the body. However, the pipe is narrower above and below this middle portion. This bulbous portion of the bong is the second chamber, which houses a showerhead percolator. Before the smoke actually reaches this percolator, it travels through the removable downstem. The very end of the downstem, which dips into the water, is diffused for filtration. Once the smoke has filtered through the diffused downstem, then it will travel upwards towards the secondary chamber. The smoke filter again through this perc, before traveling up the neck and out of the mouthpiece. If you want to cool the smoke even further, before it exits the mouthpiece, you can utilize the built-in ice catcher. Just throw in some ice cubes in the neck and -voi la!- you're all set.

                Apart from their high quality water pipes, Medicali also produces some really innovative bowl slides. These bowl slides are called Revolver bowls, due to the shape being similar to a revolver. However, the revolver design goes further than mere looks. The design allows you to mix and match different kinds of herbs. You can purchase the Revolver bowl with a different amount of arms, depending on how many herbs you want to blend at once. We offer a 3-arm, 5-arm, and 8-arm Revolver bowl.


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