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                Marley Natural seeks to add an old world class to smoking. Their line of products balances an intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents. Marley Natural makes all of their glass pipes and accessories with sustainably grown American Black Walnut wood, accented by clear borosilicate glass. The results are a line of products that look fitting for a study, as well as a bachelor pad. 

                Their mission is a main part of what sets the company apart from their competition. First and foremost, their products are all sourced responsibly. They focus hard on environmental sustainability, just as Bob Marley envisioned and promoted. Marley Natural aims for their products to represent Bob Marley's character. Using their blog, they also aim to educate their audience about these ideals. 

                One of the most notable details about Marley Natural products is the mix of wood and glass. Not only does it create an organic aesthetic, but it also enables the user to take the product apart. For instance, the Glass Bubbler with Wooden Accents is capable of being separated into 5 pieces. When the piece is separated into its parts, it becomes much easier to clean. Those hard to reach places, all of a sudden, become easy to reach. The disassembly also makes transportation a bit easier, especially if you don't have the space to keep all the parts together. Once all the parts are disassembled, you can put them into the included travel bag. This convenient disassembly is quite easy. Some of the parts unscrew, while others can simply be pulled out of their sockets.

                Apart from their glass bubbler, we also have several other Marley Natural products on hand: the glass spoon pipe, steamroller, taster bat, wooden case, pre-roll holder, and wooden rolling tray. Every one of their products perfectly complements one another. So, you can buy several of their products and they will all make your gear look consistent!

                A friend to the environment and a genius of their craft, Marley Natural is at the center of this industry.


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