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                The crew at Magic Flight are big fans of philosophy. On the back of each Launch Box (Magic Flight's most famous vaporizer) is a quote saying "Love is that which enables choice. Always stronger than fear, Always choose on the basis of love." This is Magic Flight's Letter of Intent to the world: to help all of us breathe easier.The Launch Box has become popular due to affordable cost, fast heat-up time, and rechargeable batteries. This makes the Launch Box a go-to portable vaporizer for several vapers.

                Not only is Magic Flight a fan of philosophy, but they put so much effort into their overall brand. Take their logo for instance, it represents so many different aspects of the company depending on the angle you see it. Incorporated into the logo are the letters "m" and "f", which stand for the company name. At a different angle, the logo displays a representation of vapor emerging from the Launch Box. The semi-circle is a representation of the screen that holds your material. The circle is supposed to be the draw hole. Lastly, an image of a person. It has several representations: a goddess (demonstrating the value of goodness, of the feminine, and of mystery), a burning man (whose culture inspired the company a lot), or someone taking a leap of faith (as the founders did when starting the company).

                As you can see, Magic Flight really takes their products seriously. They inject so much meaning into the Magic Flight Launch Box by using philosophy, art, and poetry. Better yet, they have instilled the vaporizer with top-notch technology. It uses NiMH batteries to power the heating element. The vaporizer includes several of these batteries, along with a charger, so you can charge the rest of them as you're using one.

                All of their kits are created in San Diego, California. Not only is the MFLB made in the USA, but it is also environmentally friendly. It is sourced from natural and renewable resources. There is a careful 87-step process to its assembly, assembled by their team of artisans. To top things off, there is a lifetime warranty on the MFLB via the Magic Flight website. On all ends, Magic Flight has hit it out of the park.